26 Oct 2014

Updated Ford Mondeos M98R-001 and M98R-003. Thanks to Tony Ryan / Touring Car Spares for the chassis logs.

19 Oct 2014

Updated Honda Accord HR018

Added Eggenberger Ford Mondeo

02 Oct 2014

Updated Audi A4 ST31 following confirmation from Audi Sport

Added Opel Vectra B RV09

18 Sep 2014

Added BMW 3-series E36/A 065 93

07 Sep 2014

Added Audi 80s RT01 and RT04, and corrected issues with RT12 and RT13. Thanks to Marc-Olivier Bonjean and Max Huber

08 Aug 2014

Added entry lists and results for 1993, 1997 and 1998 Macau Grand Prix.

Added entry lists and results for Belgium Procar, Spa 24 hours, Nissan-Mobil 500 series, Sandown 500 and Winfield Triple Challenge, all from 1993

31 Jul 2014

Added pictures and results from the Silverstone Classic round of the HSCC Super Touring Car Championship

Added Vauxhall Vectra V99-002

Updated unnumbered 2000-spec Vauxhall Vectra B

Added Audi 80 RT13 and corrected Audi 80 RT12, thanks to Marc-Olivier Bonjean

22 Jul 2014

Added three Toyota Carinas, as used by James Kaye and Bobby Verdon-Roe in 1993, and by James Kaye in 1994.

Updated Malcolm Rea's 1994 and 1995 Toyota Carinas

06 Jul 2014

Added Alfa Romeo 155 #00054305, thanks to Henrik Valentin

05 Jun 2014

Added BMWs E36 STC 95/006 and E36 STC 95/018, plus Gareth Howell's self-built Ford Mondeo

26 May 2014

Updated Audi A4 ST04 and added Audi A4 ST11 and Audi 80 RT12. Thanks to Max Hubber.

Added partial results for 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 Formula Saloon Championship. Thanks to Nick Tallon.

Update entry list and results for 1997-2002 WRDA Sports & Saloon Car Championship

09 May 2014

Added Honda Accord HR019. Thanks to Max Huber.

Added pictures from 1993 FIA Touring Car Challenge. Thanks to Peter Still at TouringCarImages.com

07 May 2014

Updated Peugeot 406s K06 and un-numbered test chassis. Thanks to Michel de Kerchove

02 May 2014

Updated BMW 3-series E36 STC 97/007

Added pictures from Silverstone Classic media / test day

23 Apr 2014

Updated Honda Accord HR011, thanks to Alex Schooledge

16 Apr 2014

Updated 2014 HSCC Super Touring Car Championship with full entry list (ST cars only)

10 Apr 2014

Added provisional entry list for the Thruxton round of the HSCC Super Touring Car Championship

11 Mar 2014

Added Audi A4s ST04, ST06, ST18, ST19 and ST23, plus updated ST03 and ST20. Thanks again to the Carlo Marzetti and Audi Sport Italia

27 Feb 2014

Updated Ford Mondeos PR-ST/F-9902 and PR-ST/F-9903, thanks to Mike Humphreys.

Updated Audi A4s ST24 and ST30, plus added SF34, thanks to Carlo Marzetti at Audi Sport Italia

02 Feb 2014

Added 1986 and 1992 Mercedes Benz 190Es, as used in the 1994 Australian Class II Championship.

30 Jan 2014

Updated BMWs E36 STC 95/016 and E36 STC 97/016

25 Jan 2014

Updated Alfa Romeo 156 99/010 with new owner.
Updated Audi A4 ST22 and SF41 with new pictures
Added BMW 3-series E36 STC 97/016

22 Jan 2014

Added six Peugeot 405s - 1993 BTCC, 1993 ex Robb Gravett, 1994 ex Patrick Watts, 1994 ex Eugene O'Brien, 1995 ex Patrick Watts and 1995 ex Simon Harrison.

Updated three Peter Hills' Mondeos - 94M 003, 95M 008 and 1994 car

Thanks again to Theo Beharis

19 Jan 2014

Updated Peugeot 406 PR001. Thanks to Michel de Kerchove
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