12 Jan 2011

Added 1995 BMW 320i, thanks to Kyrre Nielsen

01 Jan 2011

Happy New Year
Site redesigned to include a mobile browser-friendly format. Video section enhanced. More updates to follow.

28 Jul 2010

Updated race history for Audi A4 ST22, thanks to Sven-Runar Nilsen

Added 1998 Nissan Primera #48, and new picture of Nissan Primera #50. Thanks to Bevan-Leigh Hussey.

14 Mar 2010

Added 1996 JTCC Nissan Sunny, 1996 JTCC Primera, 1997 JTCC Primera 38, 1998 SEA Primera and 1999 BTCC Primera. Thanks to Vasily Kostin for the tip-off.

Updated Ford Mondeo 94M 003. Thanks to Mike Johns.

02 Jan 2010

Added Hyundai Lantra SHM002, thanks to Bevan-Leigh Hussey.

29 Nov 2009

Touring Car Times have posted a history of the Volvo 850 Estate as part of their 'Road Cars of Touring Car Racing' series.

28 Nov 2009

Corrected entries for Volvo 850 006 and 008. Thanks to Daniel Reinhard for the update.

Added pictures for 2000 European Super Touring Cup

15 Nov 2009

Added pictures for 1998 Bathurst 1000.

Added entry list for 1995 Kyalami Super Touring International

11 Nov 2009

Added entry lists for 2007, 2008 and 2009 Spanish Hillclimb Championship. Thanks to Alejandro Gutiérrez Siegrist

26 Oct 2009

Added pictures of Opel Vectra RV015, thanks to Vasily Kostin.

Added Vauxhall Cavalier 028 and updated Cavaliers 023 and 032

11 Oct 2009

Updated photos of BMW 320i 96/006.

Added chassis number for ex-Mint Motorsport Vauxhall Cavalier

02 Aug 2009

Added entry list and pictures for 2009 Serbian Touring Car Championship. Thanks to Gvozden Conjic.

Updated history for Alvin Powell's ex-World Cup winning Ford Mondeo

29 Jul 2009

Updated history and pictures for 1996 Opel Vectra #1207. Thanks to Craig Hill.

Updated current owner for Audi A4 ST41, Thanks to Martin Johnston.

Updated history for Vauxhall Vectra V97-001.

Add entry list and pictures for David Leslie Memorial Trophy.

06 Jul 2009

Added ex-Terry Moss Audi A4. Thanks to Marius Mjaaland

17 Jun 2009

The June 2009 issue of Track & Race Magazine features an article on a pair of Nissan Primeras - Dave Jarman's ex-Team Dynamics car (chassis #31) and Keith Butcher's ex-David Leslie chassis #57.

25 Mar 2009

Entry form for Silverstone Classic now available. Updated details including Media/Test day.

18 Feb 2009

Part two of our ongoing series following the rebuild of Alex Schooledge's Vauxhall Vectra V97-002

21 Jan 2009

New pictures of Renault Laguna SC00294, thanks to Nick Hill

05 Jan 2009

Updated Vauxhall Vectra 2000/005, and added to Silverstone Classic entry list.

New pictures of Nissan Primera #5 and Honda Accords 98/01 and 98/03, thanks to Allister McMillan.

Added Audi A4 ST39, thanks to Chris Woods.

30 Nov 2008

Added first part of a ongoing series following the rebuild of Vauxhall Vectra V97-002

25 Nov 2008

Added video of Volvo S40 99-002 during it's first shakedown run in nearly five years. Thanks to Flash Engineering.

24 Nov 2008

Updated Vauxhall Vectra V97-002. Thanks to Alex Schooledge.

Added BMW 320i 96/006. Thanks to Aslak Vind and Martin Marrill.

13 Nov 2008

Added pictures of Volvo 850 R5-002 and Volvo S40 99-002. Thanks to Johan Meissner.

12 Nov 2008

Updated Ford Mondeo PR-ST/F-9902 and Volvo 850 R-6-006, both cars having previously believed to have been scrapped.

Added Nissan Primera converted to rear wheel drive. Thanks to Andréas Söderberg.

Added Entry list for 1994 ADAC Super Tourenwagen Cup, thanks to Thorsten Sanft.

Added ex-Cecotto BMW 320i, thanks to Adam Lenartowski.

Added Ford Mondeo and Honda Accord from Prodrive's museum.

19 Oct 2008

Added Nissan Primeras #4, #12, #13, #14, #22, #24, #25 and #28. Updated Primeras #16 and #27
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