09 Jul 2006

Added Opel Vectra 15/99 and 1996 BMW 320i

Updated Renault Laguna 97/04 with new owners and pictures from Goodwood.

22 Jun 2006

Added info on Mazda 323. Thanks to Shane Fearns.

19 May 2006

Added pictures from LMA Euro Saloons Championship race at Silverstone. Thanks to Matt Searle.

Added Chrysler Stratus. Thanks to Craig Anthill.

25 Apr 2006

Added event calendar and details of series where Super Tourers are still racing.

18 Apr 2006

Re-written Entry Lists pages. In some cases a driver has used more than one chassis during the course of a season and the old pages were unable to handle this.

Added 2005/06 Dutch Supercar Challenge entry lists.

13 Apr 2006

Added pictures of Honda Accord 97/01. Thanks to Nick Eary.

Added entry list for 2006 LMA Euro Saloons Championship

03 Apr 2006

Added Alfa Romeo 156 98/006. Thanks to Jure Zupan for the info and picture.

29 Mar 2006

Added Entry Lists for 1997/98/99 STW-Cup

Added pics from 1998 STW-Cup. Thanks to Peter Still.

Added Entry Lists and pictures for 2003 and 2006 Greek Super Touring series. Thanks to Kostas Leonis.

Updated Vectra V97-002.

20 Mar 2006

Added details to Alfa Romeo 156 98/009. Thanks to Michiel Smits.

19 Mar 2006

Vectra V97-001 brought by Alex Schooledge.
Added two Mazda 323F records.

04 Feb 2006

1996 ex-Thompson Vectra sold to Slovakia. Thanks to Alex Schooledge for the update.

New pictures of 97/01 and 97/05 Accord from Max Huber @ Hombre Motorsport

Added scans of various adverts from Autosport Magazine 2002/2003

31 Dec 2005

Added details of Renault Lagunas 99/03 and 99/04 due to be auctioned as part of WilliamsF1 Collection. Thanks to Craig Antill for the tip off.

15 Dec 2005

Over the last few days the site has been moved to a new server. After a few inevitable minor problems everything should now be working properly. If you spot any problems please let me know.

04 Dec 2005

Added 1995 BTCC entry list with photos.
Added photos to 1996 - 2000 BTCC entry lists.
Added Thruxton Renault Laguna shell, thanks to Pat Cranham for the picture.
Added ex-Mint Motorsport Vauxhall Cavalier.

02 Dec 2005

Added 2003 Formula Saloon Championship entry list.

21 Nov 2005

Added 2004 Pirelli Touring Car Trophy entry list plus photos.
Added pictures to 2002/2003 Norwegian Touring Car Championship entry lists.
Merged duplicate record for ex-Warwick now Martinsen Vectra. Thanks to Paul Sharp for spotting.

13 Nov 2005

Updated Jim Pocklington's Cavalier (thanks to Jim for the details).
Added Simon Blanckley's Honda (thanks to Rob Jones for the picture).
Added entry lists for 2003 Norwegian, 2000 French, Swedish and South American series.
Added a few more pictures.

11 Nov 2005

For Sale / Wanted advert section now live.

25 Oct 2005

Added 1994 Vauxhall Cavalier, 1996 Vauxhall Vectra and 1999 Honda Accord. Thanks to Matt Searle and Simon Dickinson.

12 Oct 2005

Added details and pictures of Volvo 850 Estate/Saloon development car

28 Sep 2005

Added 2004/2005 entry lists for LMA Euro Saloon Car Championship

27 Sep 2005

Added entries for Mitsubishi Carisma and Toyota Corolla Lifback.
Added pictures from Silverstone Dutch Supercars Challenge race.
Fixed a few typos.

25 Sep 2005

Added 1998 and 1999 Australian Championship and 1998 Bathurst 1000 entry lists. Thanks to Mick Jeffrey for the info.
Added 1999 Prodrive Ford Mondeos, Thanks to Craig Antill for the web link.

22 Sep 2005

Update from Richard Hawken on Cavalier #14 and Prmiera #33 plus new registry entry for Primera #35

11 Sep 2005

Info received from Alex Schooledge on his 1996 ex-James Thompson Vauxhall Vectra
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