First race of the Fujifilm Touring Car Trophy during the great Silverstone Classic event.
You're onboard in the number 5 BMW E30 M3 Group A 1991, driver: Jan Bot.
Non-sequential gearbox, No ABS (broken) and 'just' a 2.3 NA four cilinder.
We mounted the microphone in front of the airbox for some proper sound:)

This is what you get if you mix 15 years of genuine WTCC, Group A, BTCC, DTM and Super Tourers in one grid: Great racing.

Qualified 10th in the wet and had only 6 practice laps in the dry.
In the first few laps there is a lot of pressure from behind, a couple of BTCC Sierra's, a DTM M3, a BTCC Mondeo, a BTCC Primera and even a WTCC Alfa are battling it out. Whenever i seem to miss the apex, it's because somebody was there !
Most of them get by on the straights, especially the turbocharged Sierra's whith their 450bhp..
After a couple of laps the tires warm up, or burn down in case of the Sierra's, and i manage to recover a few places and finnish 7th, first in class, in front of all the Sierra's and first after the Super Tourer/WTCC cars. A great result.
In the last lap there is some unfortunate contact with the red Sierra..
30m 33s