Opel Vectra Chassis Numbers
All German Opel Vectras were built by Opel Performance Centre. There were a total of 15 cars built.

9 cars in 1997 (RV01 - RV09)
4 cars in 1998 (RV010 - RV013)
2 cars in 1999 (RV014 - RV015)

For many cars it may appear that this is contradictory to what is shown on the chassis plate, however it was standard practice to replace the chassis plate if the car was upgraded.

For example RV06, although built in 1997, now carries a 1998 SMS Motorsport plate. This simply means that the car has been updated to 1998-spec by SMS. Likewise, RV010 was built in 1998 but now carries a 1999 plate.