Super Touring Register
During the 1990s Super Touring became a global success with championships in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia. Although some of the cars continue to race to this day many have become lost. This purpose of this website is to trace the history and current whereabouts of every car built to the those regulations.

This site is currently a work in progress. Many of the details are incomplete and there are still many cars unaccounted for. If you can help fill in any of the missing pieces please email me. I'm particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has owned, driven or worked on any of these cars. Any background information, period photographs or unusual stories would be welcome.
22 Mar 2021
Updated BMW E36 STC 95/018, now confirmed as ex 1995 Belgium Procar. Thanks to Steven Kelly
27 Apr 2020
Added BMW 3 Series (E36) E36/CL2 0091 94, thanks to Andreas Meier,
16 Jan 2020
Updated ex Robb Gravett / Ian Flux Peugeot 405 . Thank to Ian Flux for the info
Random Pictures
Tony Absolom, Silverstone 2021 Binetto 1998 3 Crowns Shell SEA Racing Team Winter rebuild, Jan 2004 Robert Bradarić, 2009 Pavle Komnenović Tiff Needell Kasikam Suphot, Pattaya 1997 Peggen Andersson Paul Radisich / Sarel van der Merwe
Patrick Ulrich
SwitzerlandPatrick Ulrich
Born : 23 Sep 1969
Dean Canto
AustraliaDean Canto
Born : 24 Sep 1980
Christophe Bouchut
FranceChristophe Bouchut
Born : 24 Sep 1966
Gary Ayles
Great BritainGary Ayles
Born : 25 Sep 1964
Tobias Johansson
SwedenTobias Johansson
Born : 25 Sep 1972
Maciej Stanco
PolandMaciej Stanco
Born : 25 Sep 1964